Friday, 17 June 2011

Where did the days go?

Well, this is what happens when you're me.......I run out of puff/energy and there's nothing much I can do until I've rested. I've been back and forth, been prodded and poked, by both my heart specialist and my local GP over the last week. Still breathing though, so I can't compain - too much!
It's why I have a note on my main website page - that I can't do research for anyone.............I can't help myself sometimes though, especially if I get a query which is interesting or a challenge...........better chance of a timely response from me if its a really easy query though! I do feel bad sometimes, for people who send me an email and have to wait forever for a reply..............I know what it's like, to decide to email a query about my family to someone, then wait and wait for some reply. If I could, I would answer all the queries!
I have so much going at the moment - I'm still working on pages for the Ballymanus mine tragedy and Mary from Dungloe.............I have two graveyards that need attention too - St Anne's in Killult and Frosses graveyard near Inver. And, as usual, my email inbox is filling up! I figure I might get through those from the last couple of days today though!
I did get to some good info on O'Sullivans..........and I did get notices online for Eva's new book 'A Cottage in Donegal, Mary Doherty's Story'. Bernie sent some new photos and I got some of a Brenan graveslab in the Old Glenties graveyard off to Angela............
I got a nice email from someone who wanted to make a donation to my website - I'd found and photographed some family headstones in Killult and Old Ray last year. Just to offer is payment enough...............besides, I had fun finding those graves. What an adventure it turned out to be, that day! First there was the problem of finding St Anne's............the lady at the petrol station pointed and said to just go 'doon the brae', turn left and there you'd be. Doon the brae?? My hsuband and I just looked at each other then drove in the direction she'd pointed, until we could make a left turn. The 'road' we turned onto was lined on both sides by tall hedges and was barely the width of our car, even though it was a two-way road..............not sure what we'd have done had we met anyone travelling in the opposite direction! We almost missed the church too - we found it as a glimpse of an old iron gate in a break in the hedge.
Next stop was the Old Ray site - with that ancient cross...............I could have spent all day there!

My husband was busy taking video in and around it, and I was busy trying not to break my neck/legs in the undergrowth, which hid headstones, graveslabs and goodness know what else! Why on earth is that vegetation called UNDERgrowth?? If anything, it should be refered to as was up to my chest in places!
Anyway, the boys were occupied with a donkey in a paddock opposite the site - it came running/trotting up to them from the bottom of a long paddock............

Conor and the donkey
That reminds me - I don't think I have a page online for Old Ray! I'll add that to my things to do today!
Anyway, where was I? The email offering a donation............I probably would have gone to those sites anyway, but the main thing is, it was such an enjoyable time had by all of us, it just dosn't seem right to be paid for it as well!
Now, I think this will do for now................I could probably sit and waffle to myself a wee bit longer, but there's beer bread baking and the smell of it is making me hungry! Time to stoke up on some energy so I can get back here and see to things Donegal.

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  1. Glad you found St Annes, that's my neck of the woods so to speak. The road is tight.
    Presume you noticed the graves of the German Sailors washed up in WW1.
    Well done on the site, fascinating detail.